Sunday 9 December 2012

Looking for the Owner...

...of this mug. 

We have had a member in Vintage... she is actually a founding member... who has been a little MIA... 

Now a little side step in the story - Vintage has an awards Banquet... However, not the traditional banquet where you get trophy's that Kim will later hand out to Halloween Trick or Treaters...(more on that another day)

But Home-Made, Made-Up, Hilarious awards... This mug is the product of such banquets, and belongs to the gal who is a little MIA.... And see, she loves her coffee...Loves coffee so much, she needs to spin this year! for the theme alone! She forgot her mug with us the year she didn't march - Stewardess made afew cameos... 

Please note the rest of these pictures are after a night of very intense partying
(before Vintage had children)

Now the question is... Wanna cup of coffee Tam?! 

Just keep spinning!

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