Thursday 11 October 2012

Getting Started

Who needs a website?! 

Looking to stay connected with the Edmonton Ambassadors Performers Association? Well, here is our new blog!


Here you will find what is happening in our season, Autum-ish - to spring-ish (c'mon, we live in Alberta... when does fall or spring really start or end?)

Wondering what the Edmonton Ambassadors is yet? How about Vintage or Preview Winterguard? What about just Winterguard?!  (Winterguard is known as "the sport of the arts" click here for more) 

Preview is made of youth 10-18 looking to perform, compete, be part of a team and form life long friendships! 
Vintage is what those friendships grow into as we age. Well maybe age isn't the correct word. Let's try mature? Nope. Developed? No.

I am going to say we are Vintage, always chic, classy, and full of laughter!

We are gearing up to start out 2012-13 season! If you are looking for an activity for yourself, or your children drop us a line at or  please call 780-232-5059 and leave a message.

To leave you - Here are some pictures from our archives! 

2006 - Promotional Photos

A League of Our Own - 2009

Bollywood - 2008

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  1. Looks great Jenna! Good call striking "developed" from your list of adjectives!